As you can see, I’m not really particular about how I store my jewelry. I just use an old, rectangular Jo Malone box and toss everything in. I always carry it on with me because I don’t want to lose it and that way it doesn’t get jangled about, either.

Oh, and I’m working on a Seychelles post since a bunch of you seemed interested, but I’m having a hard time finding a way to photograph boots…



I have pure lust for this jacket. It would go with a pair of Seychelles riding boots. Perfect for autumn.  (Photos from


I love this v-neck that I just got from AA. Wow, the fit is really nice as it’s loose on top and in the arms and then fitted in the waist; such a perfect combo that so many can’t seem to master. Once I tried mine on in ‘nude‘ I rushed to get it in ‘asphalt’. It was a sale item though so, I had to get it in the only size they had left, L/XL. I figure that it’s cotton so I’ll just wash it in hot water and that should take it down a size. Fingers crossed.  (All photos from


And it goes perfect with body-con skirts, which I wear constantly.

I’m going to pair it with my eggplant body-con, nude brogues, and white/gold La Mer watch.