I feel like I’m losing so much weight because I’ve been so miserable since getting back from Miami. I’m training for a half marathon and I’ve gotten shin splints out of nowhere. My step-sisters and their kids are staying here at my parents house and it’s driving me insane. I need my space and annoying, spoiled toddlers definitely don’t help that.

On top of all that crap, I’ve found out that the house in London has one small bedroom that someone has to take. I had a mental breakdown last year from having to stay in a room that was the size of my closet here at home. Since I was the last to arrive last year and didn’t get any say and it looks like that’s going to happen again. I thought living with him would be different, but this is honestly the same old bullshit. If only London weren’t so expensive so that I could live on my own.

Anyway, I’m guessing that I’m about 4lbs away from my goal weight now which is one positive thing I guess.



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